Climate Justice and Energy

African youth for system change

The lives of human rights defenders in Africa are seriously threatened. For example, in Cameroon, on 26 May, human rights defender Elvis Brown Luma Mukuna received a death threat via a call from an unknown number. Ten days earlier, two men had forcibly entered Elvis’s house, abducted his younger brother and tortured him for more than two hours. Faced with…

Impacts of coal megaprojects in South Africa

Boom and Bust in the Waterberg is the title of a report published by environmental justice organization groundWork in March. It documents the history of coal megaprojects that have reshaped this remote corner of the country. It also addresses the impacts of coal megaprojects and warns about how a third boom is expected in Waterberg, which is considered South Africa´s…

Real World Radio Europe #22

Over the last few months, climate protests have erupted across Europe and the world, forcing governments to pay attention - if not making them take action yet. We spoke to school and university students from across Europe who started organising and protesting for the first time. Why now? And what will it take them to stop?

Real World Radio Europe #21

Many communities in the world are fighting for their right to live in a safe and natural environment. Some weeks ago, during Young Friends of the Earth Europe’s training in Ireland, we spoke with Lynda Sullivan and V’Cenza Cirefice about their experiences working with communities affected by environmental injustice. They not only reflected on common obstacles and struggles for these…

Mozambique after cyclone IDAI: “People know this is climate chaos”

Our people are dying due to intensified weather events, like cyclone IDAI that hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe on March 14th, and the precedent and related flooding in the rivers of the region, causing utter devastation and suffering. We know that, in Mozambique, we are on the front line of climate breakdown. The poor and the most vulnerable will always…

Life cannot be dammed

March 14th marks the International Day of Action against Dams and for Rivers. Mobilizations around the world denounced the socioenvironmental impacts of these construction works that operate in hydroelectric and mining projects. The Climate Justice and Energy Program of Friends of the Earth International expressed its solidarity with the communities affected by hydroelectric dams, especially the Lenca indigenous people defending…

Highlights of Friends of the Earth International’s work through communications

Take a journey through our campaigns and top moments from 2017 and 2018: demonstrations and public actions, work programs and the hottest topics, the painful and most rewarding moments. This film was shared in November 2018 at Friends of the Earth International’s General Meeting - the highest decision-making body of the federation, as part of a communications’ report.

Friends of the Earth Slovenia - FoE Europe


Our Friends of the Earth family has grown bigger! Focus Association for Sustainable Development has recently joined our wonderful network, and to celebrate it, we talked with Živa Kavka Gobbo about her organisation’s past, present and bright future. Listen to our podcast and welcome Friends of the Earth Slovenia with us!

Rios Vivos

The Rios Vivos Colombia Movement expresses its solidarity with the Brazilian people affected by the breaking of the mining dams in Bounadinho- Minas Gerais

We send an energetic, supportive and full of hope embrace to the families of those whose life was taken by this corporate crime. Latin American rivers are the veins through which the hope and progress of the people circulate, so we salute with special affection the fishing communities, farmers, peasants and all the inhabitants of the Paraopeba river basin, for…