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Small-scale farming in the European Union: youth voices from the ground

Farming in Europe is increasingly dominated by monocultures and factory farms. So what does it mean to be a young small-scale farmer in this context? How can they get the power and resources to produce and distribute food sustainably? Three young farmers from Denmark, Malta and Sweden have shared with us their story: why they became farmers, the agricultural situation…

Real World Radio Europe #24

A vibrant and protected civic space is an essential part of a healthy democracy - but it´s under attack. 16 Friends of the Earth member organisations have told us they are facing restrictions, intimidation, harassment and attacks - what we collectively call 'shrinking space'. In this episode we hear how it is affecting our members in Austria and in Cyprus,…

Real World Radio Europe #23

This time we’re joining Sandra (+some special guests) from Bosnia and Herzegovina on a journey to the mountain village Pecka. This famously magical place is currently becoming a solar energy community, thanks to a ground-breaking crowdfunding campaign by FoE Bosnia and Herzegovina and partners.

Real World Radio Europe #22

Over the last few months, climate protests have erupted across Europe and the world, forcing governments to pay attention - if not making them take action yet. We spoke to school and university students from across Europe who started organising and protesting for the first time. Why now? And what will it take them to stop?

Real World Radio Europe #21

Many communities in the world are fighting for their right to live in a safe and natural environment. Some weeks ago, during Young Friends of the Earth Europe’s training in Ireland, we spoke with Lynda Sullivan and V’Cenza Cirefice about their experiences working with communities affected by environmental injustice. They not only reflected on common obstacles and struggles for these…

Friends of the Earth Slovenia - FoE Europe


Our Friends of the Earth family has grown bigger! Focus Association for Sustainable Development has recently joined our wonderful network, and to celebrate it, we talked with Živa Kavka Gobbo about her organisation’s past, present and bright future. Listen to our podcast and welcome Friends of the Earth Slovenia with us!

Real World Radio Europe #19

Voices of solidarity with refugees have recently been drowned out by hate speech or even systematically silence. This happened in the Balkans, where hundreds of thousands of people in need have arrived, but also in the rest of Europe. Now is the moment for us to be louder! Marija from Zelena Akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia gives us some clues…

Friends of the Earth Europe

Real World Radio Europe #18

An ancient forest in the West of Germany was on the verge of destruction to expand a coal mine - until the hard work of activists from local communities and further afield paid off.

Real World Radio Europe #17

We follow the remarkable progress of the #fossilfree movement in Ireland. Ireland is one of Europe’s climate change ’laggards’, but a powerful grassroots campaign could be about to change that. In just a few short months, a well-organised group of people has sprung up to protest oil and gas drilling, and they’re on the cusp of what could be a…