The impacts of industrial plantations on African women

New documentary by Friends of the Earth Africa

Plantación en Ghana. Foto: WRM.

“We need help around the world,” said Patiente Etim from Mbarakum Community in a new Friends of the Earth Africa documentary on the impacts of industrial plantations on women.

“The chemicals used by the plantation company affected my son-in-law’s eyes. He was a sprayer with GOPDC/SIAT and through the exposure to the work hazard, the chemical affected his eyes. He got blind and eventually died in June 2020,” added Christiana Nkrumah from Ghana’s Okunening Community.

Pregnancy loss, diseases, serious injuries, are some of the impacts suffered by women in industrial plantations. These impacts have been recorded in this documentary, through testimonies of women from different communities where the Forests and Biodiversity program of FoE Africa is present.

“In the face of ongoing social, environmental and gender injustice in Africa, defending people’s rights is crucial to dismantling corporate power and challenging the capitalist neoliberal model of industrial plantation expansion. We hope that this video will be useful in the struggle for social, environmental and gender justice in Africa”, said Foe’s Africa team.

Watch the full video below.

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