No to Oil Extraction

Role of fisherfolk highlighted in the framework of campaign against oil activity in Togo

As part of their campaign “No to Oil Extraction”, environmental organization Friends of the Earth Togo visited the port of Lomé, capital of the country, to express their solidarity with the local fisherfolk together with the African network “Fishnet Alliance”, who strongly opposes oil activity.

The visit took place in early March. Kwami D. Kpondzo, Campaign Officer at Friends of the Earth Togo, also member of the Executive Committee of environmental federation Friends of the Earth International, highlighted in a short interview conducted by activist Nnimmo Bassey (of Health of Mother Earth Foundation) the value of the work of fisherfolk to feed the population. “People eat fish but cannot eat oil, but oil destroys fish, so for us is very important to keep fishermen strong”, said Kwami.

At the end of August 2017, Friends of the Earth Togo, with the support of Friends of the Earth International, launched a campaign “No to Oil Extraction”, to raise awareness on the social, environmental and economic impacts this activity would have in the country.

Back then, Kwami said in a video interview circulated by Friends of the Earth Togo, that oil extraction affects the environment and marine population, which negatively impacts fisherfolk communities and therefore the local economy that depends on them.

See the interview conducted on August 2017 here:

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