Mobilizations against the G20-IMF

Latin American social networks and organizations will mobilize in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the occasion of the G20 Summit and the submissiveness of the neoliberal Argentinian government to the International Monetary Fund. Together with different alternative media, Real World Radio will be present in Buenos Aires covering the actions to be carried out as part of the mobilizations planned by the Continental Day in Defense of Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

Dangerous visits

  [gallery columns="4" ids="3631,3619,3617,3615,3613,3611,3609,3607"] In a Buenos Aires fully armed, with helicopters and military officers, the only voices heard above the siren alarms are those of the social organizations against the G20 Summit and the return of neoliberalism in the region. This accelerated return has also meant the loss of rights acquired by the people in the past decade and…