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Waters of March: Action for Rivers in the Philippines

A podcast by Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific and Real World Radio

Real World Radio.

The Philippines has 421 principal rivers spread across 119 proclaimed watersheds. Aside from providing water to drink for 110 million Filipinos, these are also the source of irrigation for almost a million hectares of agricultural lands across the nation, and a significant source of electricity, comprising 10% of the current power mix.

But the Philippine government’s emphasis on big dam and hydro power infrastructure, while providing quick benefits of water distribution and power generation, are destructive to watersheds and disruptive to affected resource-dependent communities.

Today on the International Day of Action for Rivers, we spoke to Leon Dulce, campaigns support and linkages coordinator of the Friends of the Earth Philippines, to delve into the water situation in the Philippines, and how projects like the Kaliwa Dam threaten to further worsen the country’s water crisis in a climate changed world.

* The statements given by Tatay Venus and Gloria were provided to Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific and Real World Radio by “Stop Kaliwa Dam Network”.

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