Climate Strikes in Friends of the Earth

FoEI groups around the world were part of the Climate Strikes: supporting youth and calling for climate justice.

Report from Friends of the Earth International – Climate Justice & Energy International Programme

The week of 20-27 September saw the biggest global mobilisation to highlight the climate emergency in history with over 7 million people participating in global climate strikes and actions! Friends of the Earth groups around the world were part of this movement – supporting youth and calling for climate justice for those on the front lines of climate change, dirty energy and false solutions. Here is our round up of how you all took part.

In APAC, FoE groups joined the strikes in Malaysia, Sri LankaAustralia, Timor-Leste, South Korea, Philippines, Bangladesh, Japan and Indonesia. FoE Malaysia put together a fabulous round up of photos from around the APAC region.

Europe saw some of the biggest climate mobilisations ever! 1.4 million people in Germany alone. FoEE did a fabulous round up blog, and a flickr album. Here are some of the climate strikes and actions FoE and Young FoEE groups joined across Europe: EnglandScotlandWalesGermanyCyprusBelgiumSpain, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, the NetherlandsRussiaAustriaMacedonia, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia.

Africa saw actions across the continent with FoE groups participating in NigeriaSouth AfricaGhana, Tanzania and Togo. FoE Togo organised an inspiring football match action with local children. Young activists from Mozambique took part in the strikes in the UK and spoke powerfully on climate justice.

FoE Africa also participated in the UN Secretary General Climate Action Summit in New York. On 20 September over 300,000 people mobilized ahead of this Summit. Philip Jakpor from Environmental Rights Action/FoE Nigeria and Sostine Namanya from NAPE/FoE Uganda were in New York for FoEI and part of the mobilisation. They also took part in a Southern Voices side event, an action against the Oil and Gas industry with allies and secured some fantastic media coverage.

The US also witnessed huge marches across many cities that FoE US joined. And FoE US helped organize a shutdown of Washington DC to demand action on the climate crisis.

In ATALC there were actions in many cities – and FoE Chile, ParaguayColombia and El Salvador were out on the streets.

Real World Radio made an interview for the climate strikes. We also took a solidarity picture when we met together in Utrecht.

Now we have to work hard so that these amazing mobilisations and movements deliver real change and climate justice for people hit hardest by the climate and energy crisis. FoEI’s next big climate moment will be in Chile for the COP, so watch this space.

People Power Now!

(CC) 2019 Real World Radio