The EU and the Corporate Impunity Nexus

New report by Friends of the Earth France exposes the perverse role of the European bloc in terms of human rights

Amelia Collins (Friends of the Earth International)

“The EU, in obstructing the process, is using the exact same arguments of the corporate lobbies and that’s because there is a corporate capture of the EU and also increasingly of the UN”, denounced Juliette Renaud, Senior Campaigner on Corporate Accountability at Friends of the Earth France, with reference to the negotiation process at the United Nations for the building of a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights.

Today marks the beginning of the fourth round of negotiations towards this binding treaty at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Friends of the Earth France took this opportunity to launch their new report “The EU and the Corporate Impunity Nexus. Building the UN Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights” (attached).

The first objective of the publication is to show “why and how the EU is obstructing the process since the beginning” and how it uses the same arguments of international corporate lobby groups.

Real World Radio interviewed Juliette to know more about the rationale and the findings of Friends of the Earth France´s new research. The activist also explained in detail why voluntary agreements on human rights and transnational corporations have been completely ineffective and how a binding treaty is needed instead.


The EU and the Corporate Impunity Nexus


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