Historic vote for legal abortion in Argentina

Abortion in Argentina. Photo: M.A.F.I.A.

At 9.30 am today, August 8, the Argentinian Senate started debating a bill to legalize abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. This moment arrives after years of struggle by the National Campaign for Safe, Free and Legal Abortion that raised the debate in National Women Meetings, in public spheres, educational centers and the media.

Before this vote, seven bills had been submitted that did not reach Congress. This text succeeded and was approved by the lower house on June 14, after vigils and rallies with green headscarves outside Parliament.

In Argentina, abortions are culturally decriminalized, as shown by this “green wave” covering the faces of teenagers, young and adult women, with green headscarves in backpacks and handbags, and public and private debates. Now, it is the turn of Senators to honor this historic moment. The world is watching.

To analyze the implications of this day for the Argentinian and Latin American feminist struggle, what would happen if the bill is not approved and how Friends of the Earth Argentina is involved in the debate that brings together popular, human rights and environmental movements, Real World Radio interviewed Natalia Salvático, member of FoE Argentina.

“In addition to our urge to gain rights as individuals, as defenders of the environment we see our bodies as our territories, and just like we defend territories and nature, we also defend our body-territory. Just like we defend the autonomy of communities and safeguard their common resources, the same happens with our bodies: we want to safeguard our integrity and to be able to decide over our own bodies”, said the activist.


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