Free Palestine

Israeli control technologies at the service of human rights violations exposed in the framework of UN negotiations

Amelia Collins, Amigos de la Tierra Internacional.

The Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power held on Tuesday a workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of the mobilizations for a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights, focused on Israeli security technologies, strategies and companies used against the Palestinian people and also distributed throughout the world.

Real World Radio covered the activity and interviewed activists Abeer Al Butmeh and Ashraf Taha of PENGON – Friends of the Earth Palestine. With Abeer we talked about the reasons why PENGON considers a binding treaty that regulates human rights violations perpetrated by transnational corporations is important, and we asked her about how this could be relevant for the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, Ashraf told us about the ways Israeli military forces operate with security mechanisms against the Palestinian people and the difficulties and human rights violations experienced by Palestinians every day.

Amelia Collins, Friends of the Earth International.

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