Close to the victims

Kwami Kpondzo from Friends of the Earth International: “We are here to say to the world that enough is enough”

Kwami Kpondzo

“As Friends of the Earth International (FOEI), we are here (at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva) because we are working with communities, and those communities are affected by transnationals corporations, so we need a Binding Treaty to hold accountable those transnationals which violated human rights”, said Kwami Kpondzo, from FOEI, in an interview with Real World Radio.

Kwami, member of Les Amis de la Terre Togo, added: “We are here to fight for our communities. We are here to say to the world that enough is enough”. Real World Radio interviewed him close to the end of a new round of UN negotiations for a binding instrument focused on transnational corporations and the human rights violations perpetrated by them.

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