New mobilizations in Geneva for a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights

Víctor Barro, Amigos de la Tierra Internacional.

Karin Nansen, Friends of the Earth International´s Chair, said on Monday in Geneva, Switzerland, that “communities all over the world are calling for justice and to put an end to impunity”. “We are also calling for an effective mechanism, and also an International Court”, she added.

Nansen was the facilitator at the press conference of the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power (of which FoEI is a member), which launched today the Week of Mobilization in Geneva for a binding treaty. The activity took place at the Place des Nations, facing the UN headquarters, where the official negotiations were beginning at the same time.

A representative of Vía Campesina South Korea and another delegate of the Union of People Affected by Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador (UDAPT) also participated, among others, in the press conference. Real World Radio interviewed Nansen just after the event.

“Transnational corporations are responsible for human rights violations all over the world”, said FoEI´s Chair. We invite you to watch the video.



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