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Fashion passes, harm remains, and women resist

On 24 April, we remember and stand in solidarity with the victims of the fast fashion industry, the women who died working in the highly precarious textile workshops of the Rana Plaza building, in Bangladesh, in 2013.

This a Day marked by the World March of Women [1] to show that the crimes committed by transnational corporations against women still continue.

Corporate activities in the Global South have specific impacts on women, their livelihoods and care networks. Some of these are direct impacts, which are felt on women’s bodies. Others are more hidden and restrict their decision-making power over their fundamental rights: food, housing and health.

Friends of the Earth International launched a video which illustrates these impacts and leaves us with the question: How many more human rights violations does it take to stop corporate impunity?

Peasant, Indigenous and working class women have alternative proposals to the model of destruction and dependence. Below you can find some materials to learn more about them.